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Service dogs have a natural talent that is more prominent than normal dogs. Therefore, it is often selected for training and training in military and police organizations. Their main task is to search for evidence, clear mines, suppress criminals, and rescue.

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1. What is a working dog breed?

According to many documents, working dogs have appeared for a long time and developed to this day. Historically, service dogs have played an important role in wars.

They are likened to true warriors and are demonstrated by their absolute loyalty, always ready to sacrifice in battle.

In addition to fighting purposes, ancient police dogs were also used to guard the defense. Even in some wars, people even wore armor for them when going to battle.

Today, service dogs are rigorously selected and trained to serve important tasks in many fields such as security, national defense, criminal pursuit and even the civil field.

Today’s service dogs no longer have to rush alone to break the enemy’s encirclement or plunge into tanks like in the war.

Instead, they play a vital role in many business activities.

2. The most elite working dog breeds today

There are many intelligent dog breeds in the world, but not all breeds are guaranteed to meet the conditions and criteria for rigorous training. Out of 100 species, only about 10 species are suitable for this particular job. Specifically:

  • Police Hound Becgie

The Becgie dog was originally trained only to herd sheep, but because of their outstanding intelligence and excellence, they were assigned to the military. During World War I, Becgie rescued dozens of soldiers and guarded the safe guard area.

American service dog

In the early 19th century, German Becgie was brought to America and known by another name, Shepherd. At that time, Americans also hated the Nazi regime, so they also discriminated against this breed. It was not until later that they were picked up and used more commonly by the FBI of the United States to catch criminals.

Becgie’s physique is not too bulky, because their maximum height is only 65cm, weighs about 40kg. However, Becgie’s body is very solid, strong, flexible and quite balanced, her neck is a bit long and she always holds her head high. When running, their heads are often lowered slightly to reduce friction with the air.

Becgie’s appearance is also quite special: long snout, big and black nose, medium-sized and dark brown eyes, large ears. The most common coat colors are jet black and red-orange. In addition, some rare Becgie dog breeds will be white, ash gray, all-black and are often kept as pets, not selected for training.

professional dog training

Personality Becgie dog breed is extremely intelligent, affectionate, easy to train and loves to move, run and jump. When ordered by the owner to do any work, they are handled immediately and completed excellently. If they sense danger lurking, they will attack immediately.

If trained, the price of a Becgie dog can be from 25 to 35 million VND. As for the 100% purebred breed imported from Germany, the United States, and France, the selling price can be more than 40 million.

  • Service dog Malinois

Overall, this dog’s body is very balanced, harmonious and sympathetic. The average size of an adult Malinois is 35kg and 65cm – 67cm tall. The body is toned, supple, has high endurance, withstands hardship.

The coat has two typical colors, black or yellow-brown, the coat size is quite short and close to the body. The ears are quite large and always erect, long black muzzle, brown eyes. According to research, their lifespan can be up to 13 to 15 years.

Malinois dog breed

Malinois is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, agile, flexible movement, obeying commands very well.

The ability of dogs to work continuously for a long time is very high, because they have tough and durable strength. The trainer needs to love, care and take good care of them, so they can be easily won.

Malinois bred in Vietnam has a market price of VND 5-9 million.

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  • Rottweiler agent dog

The Rottweiler (After all) is also a popular dog breed. Rottweiler dogs can reach a height of 70cm, weigh 65kg, their large and strong body is enough to frighten crooks.

The appearance is very recognizable, the dog has two main coat colors, black and brown. Big drooping ears, glittering black eyes, brown dots above the eyelids (so it’s called a 4-eyed dog). Their maximum lifespan can be up to 13 years depending on the care regimen.

Rottweiler police dog

The character like Rot is very calm, but at first glance you will see that they are quite fierce. They inherently have the characteristics of living in groups, so the ability to receive and protect their owners is very good. Therefore, people often choose the Rottweiler breed for guarding and scouting and guiding duties.

Currently, in Vietnam, the price when buying a Rottweiler is about 5 – 10 million VND / head.

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  • Labrador dog

Around 1800, Labrador Dogs were brought to England to breed and develop in popularity. This is a dog breed known for its great intelligence, friendliness, obedience, affection and love of activity.

Labrador owns an average body of about 57-62cm tall, weighing 25-34cm. Because the body is slim, solid, agile, energetic, high endurance can run continuously for tens of kilometers.

In particular, Labrador has very good swimming skills, so it is often used to rescue when someone is drowning.

Labrador dog

Labrador dog has a slightly flat tail, raft at the end, moderate leg shape. The cheeks of the neck are fleshy and wrinkled, sagging, the cheekbones look quite high. The hair is thick and straight, smooth and short, so it is very resistant to cold and water.

The Labrador dog personality is also very approachable, fun and cute and not too difficult to train. For this dog, you should not use whips and sticks to train, but use affection to tame them.

The price of a domestic Labrador dog ranges from 8 to 10 million. Imported varieties cost about 20-25 million VND

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  • Cocker’s working dog

Cockers first appeared in Spain, but it was not until the 17th century that they were bred in the United States. At the end of the 19th century, the French bred to create a very special dog breed, so it was sought by the nobility and militaries of many countries.

Cocker Spaniel dog has an impressive, cute and luxurious appearance, so it is easy to make an impression on new people. This dog has a very well-proportioned skeleton, strong and has the ability to move flexibly.

cocker training dog

The coat color is also very rich, including: cream, red, yellow, white, long body and short legs, etc. The Cocker’s head is very large, brown eyes, wide forehead, very large and long ears, overall mold The face exudes innocence, intelligence, and cuteness.

Characterized by Agent Cocker alcohol is very cheerful, loves to play and is excited, adapts quickly to rigorous training exercises. In addition to intelligence, their sense of smell is extremely sensitive, so it is used by the security department to search for banned substances, exhibits, etc.

In Vietnam, people often buy Cocker dogs for indoor pets, the price is about 6-8 million / dog

  • Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer (German dog) was bred and put into war service around the beginning of the 18th century. This is considered a rare breed chosen by the military to raise and train, because they are quite expensive to buy.

This dog breed has a muscular body, broad shoulders, strong muscles.

Giant Schnauzer dog

The appearance of the Giant Schnauzer is unique with the hairs on his eyebrows and mustache, making them look like old men. The typical coat color is jet black and ash gray or salt pepper.

Thanks to the ability to smell sharp, Giant Schnauzer has helped search and rescue authorities, detect wanted criminals in a short time.

In Vietnam, only Miniature Schnauzer is the market and the price fluctuates about 10-15 million VND/head. And the price of purebred foreign Giant Schnauzer can be up to more than 100 million VND/head.

  • Dutch Shepherd Dog

Dutch Shepherd originated from the Netherlands, originally raised only to support tending and herding cattle. As industry in the European region developed, the breed was almost extinct. Later, the Dutch government reinstated breeding.

Dutch Shepherd is medium-sized, about 60 cm tall, weighing about 40 kg. They have dense, long, short hair, and have two solid colors, black and white, and black and white.

Dutch Shepherd dog

The slim body helps them run very fast, react immediately, especially the bite force is very strong and deep. If kept alive and cared for in a good environment, the Dutch Shepherd can live up to 15 years.

Intelligence, hard work, loyalty, and high self-defense make Dutch Shepherd able to carry out the rescue mission, saving you alone. Many noble families did not mind spending a large amount of money to buy Dutch dogs to take care of the house and work as bodyguards.

Small Dutch Shepherd dogs in Vietnam are sold for 12-20 million VND. As for the trained and purebred type, it will cost from 25-35 million VND.

  • Boxer

Boxer dogs are chosen by most families in the US because of their ability to hunt animals and look after the house very well. Boxer has a body size of about 64cm tall, weighs 33kg. The coat is thin, short and has a white and dark brown color.

The coat color of the chest and 4 feet has separate white patches, so it is very unique and easy to recognize. The ears are folded and slightly small compared to other breeds. The lifespan of a Boxer dog lasts from 8 to 10 years.

Boxer dog

Boxer is very curious, hyperactive and likes to run and jump. Boxer dogs are very safe with small children, so many people buy them. However, they are also very naughty, so from an early age, you must take care and train them meticulously.

Currently, Boxer is trained by the US military and the French, Chinese, etc. to patrol and guard the border areas. At the same time, they can search for criminals and drugs, well-hidden weapons.

The price of domestic Boxer dogs in Vietnam is only from 4 to 8 million / dog. Dogs imported from abroad range from 10 to 15 million VND/head.

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  • Bloodhound police dog

Bloodhound has a striking appearance with large drooping ears, short and sleek fur. Main coat colors include black, brown and reddish brown.

Bloodhounds have a calm, gentle personality, rarely barking, but when they sense danger, they will react very quickly and aggressively. Besides, they are also somewhat stubborn, like to run and jump everywhere, so they have to be rigorously trained from an early age.

Bloodhound dog

With rare toughness and endurance, the Bloodhound can perform a sniffing task for several hours and travel long distances to accomplish a given goal.

The cost to buy a Bloodhound dog in Vietnam is currently from 18 million to 26 million / dog.

  • Akita Inu Special Forces Dog

The Akita is one of the most intelligent dogs with excellent sniffing and hunting skills. Akita Inu, if properly trained, can call for help and protect the house, and do small things around the house. They are very clean, so they have a habit of licking themselves, sometimes with many lovely and cute expressions.

The Akita Inu dog’s appearance is very recognizable, the head is large, round, and the facial features are quite similar to the wild wolf in the wild. The ears are characterized by funny triangles, the black eyes look a bit small (slit eyes) but still exude a sophisticated look. Akita has outstanding coat colors such as white, brown, fawn, reddish brown, etc.

Akita Inu

This dog breed has a muscular body, big and strong, wide chest, sunken belly, the whole body is covered by thick and erect hair, the back is slightly arched.

Akita Inu mated in Vietnam will cost from 10 to 25 million VND/head. Particularly, varieties purchased 100% from Japan cost up to $2,000 – $4,000.

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5. Where to buy and sell professional dogs?

You can easily buy these dog breeds through MXH sites, online pet shops. Particularly for professional dogs, only at schools specializing in training and training dogs such as the army, the Ministry of Public Security, and the High Command. If you want to buy, you have to find a source of dogs that have been eliminated by those organs.

where to buy police dog

Above are useful sharing about the most famous working dogs in the world. Hopefully, you can correctly identify the characteristics of each type of dog.

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