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Crispy carp, also known as crispy fish. This makes carp crispy or confused with some other fish lines. Our following article will help you to have crispy carp information, different types of crispy fish.

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1. What is Crispy Carp?

Crispy carp is one of the freshwater fish strains distributed mainly in Europe and Asia.

Crispy carp has a very diverse habitat, they often live in ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and field areas.

2. Origin of crispy carp

Crispy carp English name is Carp, scientific name is Cyprinus carpio, was found and described in 1758.

Carp are ray-finned fish belonging to the order Cyprinidae. Currently, carp is a freshwater fish that has a large number and is popular all over the world.

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3. Characteristics of Crispy Carp

Carp have a round and elongated body. Carp have a fairly large weight, the average carp weighs 2-7kg, the average length is about 50-80cm.

  • However, there are also cases of carp about 1.2m long and weighing up to 38kg.
  • The carp line has an average lifespan of about 10-20 years, in some cases it can live up to 47 years.
  • Crispy carp has an oblong head, which is in balance with the body proportions of the fish.
  • The snout of the carp is blunt, the mouth of the carp is wide and arched.
  • The lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw, the lower lip border is also thicker and more developed than above.
  • Fish teeth are small and very thick.
  • Crispy carp has 2 pairs of antennae, short snout antennae and a pair of antennae at the longer angle of the jaw.
  • The eyes are medium sized, slightly convex and arranged near the top of the head.

The body of the carp is crispy and elongated, the back is slightly curved, flattened towards the tail. The back of the crispy carp is slightly curved.

The dorsal fin is long and quite stiff, extending from the top of the back to the tail.

The pelvic and gill fins of the carp are quite soft. Anal fin long and well proportioned. Caudal fin medium and symmetrically lobed in the middle.

Crispy fried fish

The scales of the carp are round, large, and quite symmetrical. The back of the crispy carp is dark green, the transverse belly of the crispy carp is yellow-gray, the lower belly is silver-white.

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4. What do crispy carp eat?

Crispy carp is a fish that lives in the bottom area of ​​river water. This place is concentrated and very rich in foods.

Crispy carp are omnivorous fish, almost any food they can eat.

The food of crispy carp is usually aquatic organisms living in the water, crustaceans such as shrimp, insects, plankton….

Carp are fish that eat a lot, an average of a day they can consume 30-40% of their body weight.

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5. Reproduction in Crispy Carp

Carp are egg-laying species and are a type of fish with a high reproductive cycle. Carp are fish that have migratory behavior when spawning.

In the spawning season, the crispy carp will gradually swim into the riverside areas (where there is a lot of grass and bushes) to lay eggs.

What is crispy carp?

Carp have a habit of laying eggs at night and usually spawn after showers near the water surface.

Once spawned, the female carp can lay 150-300 thousand eggs.

The eggs of crispy carp often have sticky substances to cling to aquatic plants (this is a way to help protect the eggs).

The spawning season of crispy carp usually takes place from spring to the end of autumn. The most fertile time for crispy carp is from March to June and August to September every year.

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6. Habitat of Crispy Carp

Crispy carp has a fairly wide distribution environment. They are distributed mainly in Europe (Russia, Turkey, Germany) and some countries in Asia (East Sea, Vietnam, China, Singapore…).

In Vietnam, crispy carp mainly live in ponds, lakes, rivers and streams and mainly in the northern provinces.

Some provinces and cities appear many crispy carp: Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Hoa Binh, Hanoi….

Currently, our country has a number of lines of crispy carp: Cam carp, pink carp, red carp, humpback, tall carp, ….

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7. Distinguishing crispy fish

Crispy fish is actually not just one type of carp, in which there are many different species of fish. Here are some fish species of crispy fish:

  • Sea Crispy Fish:

Crispy sea fish is also known as crayfish. The bream has a body similar to that of a carp. However, their bodies are smaller.

Sea crispy fish are gray-white in color, with black stripes on their body. The meat and quality of sea crispy fish is higher than that of crispy carp.

crispy fish

  • Crispy snapper:

Crispy snapper is actually red snapper. This fish has firm, sweet and very fragrant flesh. Crispy snapper belongs to the tilapia family.

Crispy snapper has all the characteristics of the perch line, however their color is quite strange.

The whole body of the fish is covered with a red-pink color. The lower abdomen of the fish is slightly yellow-white.

  • Crispy carp:

Crispy carp, a freshwater fish with high economic value. The popular crispy carp in our country are black carp and grass carp.

At a glance, many people will surely confuse crispy carp with crispy carp. However, the crispy carp has a rounder body than the carp, and the body of the fish is also slimmer.

The dorsal fin of the crispy carp is also shorter. The scale color of crispy carp is also darker than that of crispy carp.

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8. Crispy carp do what delicious dish?

Crispy carp is a freshwater fish with fragrant, crispy meat and contains a lot of nutrients. Here are some attractive dishes made from crispy carp.

Crispy carp braised with melon

Braised crispy carp, a very familiar rustic dish for most families in the Northern Delta.

This dish has both the aromatic and sweet taste of fish and the sour taste of sauerkraut.

Crispy carp braised with melon

To prepare delicious crispy carp braised with melon, you need to prepare: crispy carp, pickled sauerkraut, tomato, red onion, scallions, dill, cooking oil and fish sauce.

  • Crispy carp cleaned, should be cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Then, fry the crispy carp in the oil, when the fish is slightly golden, take it out.
  • Sauteed sliced ​​tomatoes with red onions.
  • Then add water, fried carp and fish sauce to braise.
  • When the fish is cooked, season to taste and add scallions and dill.
  • Then turn off the stove, put on a plate and enjoy with family members.

Crispy carp cooked in hot pot

Crispy carp cooked in hot pot is also quite an attractive and nutritious dish. Each piece of crispy, fragrant, white carp is dipped in a pot of rich, spicy broth. There’s nothing better than that.

Especially on cold winter days.

  • To have a delicious hot pot, in addition to broth, carp must be fresh fish.
  • If you eat crispy carp hotpot, you should fillet with fish bones.
  • If you want the fish to be delicious and not fishy, ​​you should marinate it with a little soup powder and pepper.
  • When enjoying crispy carp hot pot, you can eat it with vegetables.
  • Thus, when eating will not be tired and much cooler.

Grilled crispy carp

Grilled Crispy Carp

Crispy carp grilled with salt and pepper, a delicious dish not to be missed on cold winter days. Ingredients to prepare for the dish: whole crispy carp, salt and pepper and cooking oil.

  • Crispy carp whole, clean the scales, gills and intestines.
  • Then, marinate the fish with chili salt for about 15-20 minutes to infuse the spices.
  • There are 2 ways to grill: skewer the fish on a bamboo stick for charcoal grilling or bake with foil
  • If grilled charcoal will be more fragrant and delicious.

Grilled crispy carp when eaten, you can eat it with rice paper, raw vegetables and dip it with lemon garlic chili sauce.

Deep-fried, deep-fried carp

Fried carp, a rustic dish, is so familiar to the vast majority of Vietnamese people. If you are too familiar with the simple and traditional way of frying fish.

Here we will introduce to you how to fry crispy carp with garlic chili delicious and attractive.

Crispy fried fish skin

Ingredients to prepare: crispy carp, garlic, chili, seasoning seeds and cooking oil.

  • Crispy carp cleaned and cut into pieces.
  • Then marinate with seasoning seeds and chili garlic (minced garlic and chili will taste better when marinated).
  • Let the fish infuse the spices for about 15 minutes, then deep fry in oil.
  • Crispy carp should be deep fried in oil, medium heat, the fish will be cooked evenly.

Deep-fried carp, when enjoying, you can feel the rich sweetness of the fish and the richness of the fish skin.

Crispy fried carp will be more delicious when dipped with chili sauce or tamarind sauce.

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Crispy carp stir-fried with celery

Crispy carp stir-fried with celery is a delicious and unique dish that is extremely attractive to people to enjoy.

Ingredients to prepare: crispy carp, celery, red onion, pepper, cooking oil and fish sauce.

  • Crispy carp should use fish fillets (should use a lot of meat such as belly and back.
  • Don’t use meat near the tail – lots of bones).
  • Crispy carp should be fried in oil to harden.
  • Vegetables need to be cleaned, then stir-fried with red onions, continue to add crispy carp to stir-fry.
  • If you want the dish to be attractive, you should add a little pepper to make it more delicious.

Steamed crispy carp

Steamed crispy carp is a very easy dish to prepare and very easy to eat. Below, we will show you 2 ways to steam delicious crispy carp.

sea ​​crispy fish

  • 🔔 Steamed crispy carp with soy sauce:

This dish is extremely easy to make, just prepare fresh crispy carp and soy sauce.

  • Fresh crispy carp should be left whole, then marinated with soy sauce.
  • When the fish is soaked in soy sauce, you can steam it or braise it in soy sauce.
  • Crispy carp meat is quite thick, you should steam it for 35-45 minutes and the fish will be cooked evenly over medium heat.
  • Steamed crispy carp with soy sauce served with steamed rice will taste much better.
  • 🔔 Steamed crispy carp with beer:

Crispy carp steamed with beer is an extremely attractive dish. Ingredients for cooking: crispy carp, beer, shiitake mushrooms, green onions, tomatoes, crocodile fruit, dill and soup powder.

  • Carp cleaned and marinated with soup powder and beer.
  • Then, add shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes and crocodile fruit to marinate together.
  • Marinate the fish for about 20 minutes, put the fish into steaming (when the fish is done steaming, the fish will no longer be fishy and no longer have the spicy taste of beer).
  • The crispy carp steamed with beer should be eaten and placed in the kitchen to keep hot.
  • When enjoying this dish, you can eat it with rice paper, fresh vermicelli, raw vegetables.

Do not forget to mix a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce for dipping.

In addition to the above dishes, you can refer to how to cook braised carp, crispy fish with sour bamboo shoots, sauteed mushrooms, deep fried fish skin, deep fried ….

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9. Where to buy and sell crispy carp in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City?

Crispy carp is a freshwater fish distributed mainly in the northern region. Crispy carp is not only delicious but also extremely nutritious.

Today’s crispy carp is not only found in the wild, crispy carp is also raised in rafts.

How much is the crispy carp?

For the provinces in the Northern region, surely they are familiar with crispy carp. Almost any time of the year, you can buy crispy carp.

You can go to fish markets, supermarkets or shops specializing in providing seafood to buy.

For southern provinces, you can go to websites specializing in providing seafood to order.

10. Crispy carp cost how much 1KG?

Crispy carp is a fish with a price that is quite suitable for the consumption of the majority of Vietnamese people. The price of crispy carp depends on the time and size of the fish.

Here is a price list of crispy carp for your reference:

  • Crispy carp type 1: 350 – 450 thousand VND/kg.
  • Medium-sized crispy carp: 220-250 thousand VND/kg.
  • The price of crispy carp seeds fluctuates: 90 – 250 thousand VND/bag of fingerlings.

Above is all information about crispy carp – a typical commercial fish of the northern river region.

To learn more fish lines, do not forget to follow our next articles.

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