Thanh minh là gì? Lễ Tết thanh minh năm 2023 là ngày nào?

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Although Thanh Minh New Year is not a big Tet holiday of the year, it has bold cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people. So what is the meaning of Thanh Minh New Year and on which calendar day this year? Let’s find out with Bach Hoa XANH!

Thanh Minh New Year is a Tet holiday that expresses the “ethos of drinking water, remembering the source”, the respect for the ancestors of the Vietnamese people. Bringing the sacred traditional customs deeply imprinted in each Vietnamese person on this day, the children far from their hometown arrange to return to their ancestors’ graves.

So, what is the meaning of Thanh Minh New Year, and what is the origin? And this year, Thanh Minh Tet is on which calendar day? Let’s find out with Bach Hoa XANH through the article below!

On what calendar day is Thanh Minh New Year 2023?

On this holiday, descendants come together to visit the graves of their ancestors

Thanh Minh Tet holiday does not have a fixed date, starting from April 4-5 (after the end of the spring equinox) and ending around April 20-21 (when the Tet Coc Vu begins). . On this holiday, children and grandchildren come together to visit the graves of their ancestors, clean and wash the graves together, and arrange an offering tray for the ancestors, hoping that the ancestors will bless their children and grandchildren to always be healthy and peaceful.

In 2023, Thanh Minh New Year falls on Tuesday, April 5, 2023 (March 5 of the lunar calendar).

2Origin and meaning of Qingming New Year

Origin of Qingming Festival

According to folklore researcher Nguyen Hung Vi, Tiet Thanh Minh is one of 24 qi periods. This weather is scheduled according to the concept of Eastern countries.

Literally, the bar is the clear gas, the clear is the light. Thiet Thanh Minh means when the weather is cool and clear. The Qingming period is the 5th period of the 24 qi periods, starting 45 days after the Spring Festival and 105 days after the Winter Solstice.

The Qingming Festival lasts about 15-16 days, and the first day is called the Qingming Festival. In 2023, the Qingming Festival will fall on April 5 of the solar calendar (March 5 of the lunar calendar), after the end of the spring equinox and will last until April 20.

In addition to the Thanh Minh New Year, in the first days of March, there is also a Dap Thanh Festival, also known as a grass tramping festival. This is a festival also originated from China on this occasion, men and women buy themselves beautiful clothes to go out together in spring. Currently in Vietnam, this festival is no longer handed down, but we can still know this festival through the poem in Nguyen Du’s Tale of Kieu:

“Qingming in the March period,

Mass grave was the springboard algae bar,

Near and far away, you’re hungry,

The girls are shopping for spring,

Suppressing the handsome actor,

Horse cars such as water wedge clothes”

Meaning of Qingming Festival

For Vietnamese people, the Thanh Minh New Year is an opportunity for descendants to look back to their ancestral roots. Although going away for business, on this day the family gathers to go to the grave and then come home to gather around the family meal tray. The graves are clean and tidy, as if they were showing their respect for their ancestors.

During the Thanh Minh New Year, cemeteries often become crowded and crowded, demonstrating the principle of “Drink water, remember the source” of the beautiful culture of the Vietnamese people. Teach children and grandchildren to love filial piety and respect their parents and grandparents while they are still alive, not wait until they die to pay their respects.

Is Thanh Minh Tet Han Thuc Tet?

According to TS.KTS Vu The Khanh, although the Thanh Minh New Year and the Han Thuc New Year have years on the same day, however, these two days actually have completely different meanings and origins.

Thanh Minh New Year is the first day in the Qingming period, is one of 24 solar terms each year, lasts about 15-16 days, from April 4 to 5 until April 20 to 21 every year.

Meanwhile, Han Thuc New Year comes from an ancient legend in China with the meaning of remembrance of King Tan Van Cong to Gioi Tu Thoi. Han Thuc New Year lasts from March 3 to March 5 of the lunar calendar every year.

3What do Vietnamese people usually do during the Qingming Festival?

What to do in Thanh Minh New YearWhat to do in Thanh Minh New Year

Thanh Minh New Year goes to the grave

For Vietnamese people, Thanh Minh New Year is a day for descendants to remember their ancestors. On the 3rd day of the 3rd lunar month, descendants will prepare offerings and burn incense in front of the grave of the deceased, then proceed to clean the grave to wish the ancestors to bless them with health and peace. After digging the grave, the members go home together to set up a tray of rice to offer to the ancestors’ altar and eat and drink together, chat together, and connect the blood ties in their families.

What does Thanh Minh worship?

On this day, in addition to cleaning the grave, the custom of worshiping or preparing an offering tray is also an important part that many people appreciate. Everyone in the family will go to the market to buy things to prepare the offering tray, depending on the custom and locality, the preparation tray will be different, but mainly it is still a normal tray of rice to invite ancestors to eat together. Eat and drink together, not ostentatious or open a grand feast.

4 Shopping for the Qingming Festival

Go to the Qingming FestivalGo to the Qingming Festival

Ceremonies usually include: Meat, chicken, wine, spring rolls.

+ Full offerings of rice including sticky rice, chicken, bamboo shoot soup, fried vermicelli.

+ Incense, flowers, lamps, betel nut, gold coins, fruits.

Outside the grave

When performing the burial ceremony right outside the grave, the owner arranges the offerings, note that the fruits and gold coins are placed together, but the salty ceremony is placed separately. After that, light incense and lamps, only 1 or 3 sticks should be plugged in, it’s taboo to plug 2 sticks and bow 3 times to show respect to the tutelary government and then invite the ancestors to return and start reciting the vows for the class. explain.

Waiting for the incense to fade, people proceed to the family’s mausoleum to burn incense and ask their grandparents’ permission to let them clean. The worshiping ceremony is completed, everyone cleans up and repairs. When the week of incense is 2/3 at this time, everyone can give thanks, turn to gold, ask for luck and leave.

Stay at home

When praying at home, it is important to note the following:

Clean the house, especially the ancestral altar.

Prepare a tray at home to conduct offerings after clearing at the grave.

Burning incense and making offerings is similar to other rituals. It is necessary to be sincere and maintain a solemn attitude when performing the ceremony to show respect to ancestors.

5 Notes to avoid bad luck during the Qingming Festival

Things to note in Thanh Minh New YearThings to note in Thanh Minh New Year

When going to the grave on Thanh Minh New Year, there are things you need to know to avoid bad luck such as:

When walking past other people’s graves, you should not trample and stone other people’s offerings, this will bring bad luck to you, especially children and young people.

For women who are menstruating, pregnant women or people with rheumatic fever, they should not go to the grave because of the cold air and bad energy here.

Because the grave is a time when the family gathers together, they often take commemorative photos. However, this is not recommended in the cemetery area, so photography is limited here.

When cleaning the grave, you should clean it up first and then check the condition of the grave to avoid mice, snakes, and centipedes from crawling inside.

Do not talk about pointing at other people’s graves to avoid bringing bad luck to you as well as showing respect to the deceased.

6 Van made a vow to grandparents on Tet Thanh Minh day

Praying for Tiet Thanh Minh outside the grave

Shopping for the tomb of Tiet Thanh Minh usually includes: Incense lamps, betel nut, gold coins, wine and meat (pork leg, boiled chicken or a piece of lean pork), fruit.

I bow to the heavens of the nine directions, the buddhas of the ten directions, the buddhas of the ten directions

I bow to Huong Linh………….

Today is.………….

Personal details: …………………….

Creditor (them) ……………………

Residing at: …………………….

We and all our families and children, thanks to the great merits, high virtues, building the inheritance of………….. moved to think of the negative part in the desert, the faithful and their children sincerely bought the ceremony. , betel nut, betel nut, camellia flower scent, light incense sticks to offer in front of the grave, invite the true spirit…………..lai Lam to enjoy.

We ask for permission to repair the grave, build the chariot, restore the land, repair the post-demonic road to make it more solid. Thanks to the Buddha’s blessing, wearing God’s shield to protect the earth, feeling God’s blessing, making the word peace, yin super yang. Our children and grandchildren ask for the sake of the true spirit. . . . . . This is towards Tien To.

Praying for the sacred witness, enjoying the gifts, protecting the children and grandchildren, going back and forth to check the door of the house. Covering accidents, giving fortune, bringing good things, driving evil away. For the family to be happy and healthy, cinnamon is lush, children and grandchildren enjoy the blessings of heaven, young and old are imbued with the grace of the Holy Buddha.

We worship with sincerity, bow to witness.

After completing the vows, waiting for 2/3 of the week of incense, at this time people proceed to give thanks, turn to gold, ask for fortune and return home to worship the gods and ancestors at home.

Praying for Tiet Thanh Minh at home

Depending on each family, it is possible to make a tray of rice offerings with full of sticky rice, boiled chicken, or spring rolls, bamboo shoot soup, vermicelli, add stir-fried plates, .. or just light incense normally with fresh fruits, Chinese tea, tobacco. … to inform the ancestors of the ancestors, his grandfather, … passed away on the day of Thanh Minh.

The householder fixes his clothes seriously, stands in front of the incense burner, burns incense, lights a lamp, then prays:

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

I bow to the nine heavens, to the buddhas of the ten directions, to the buddhas of the ten directions.

I bow to the ancestors, relatives on both sides of their families…

I bow to the ancestor, the strong man, the grandparent, the little Red girl, the Red boy at home

Today is the day…month…year…

Now, my name is…, age…, born in commune…, district…, province… with the whole family, bowing before the altar of the ancestors.

Welcome to the Duke of Tao Quan, you are welcome.

Paying respects to silver offerings: betel wine, water tea, gold incense, fruits and sincere offerings on the occasion of Thanh Minh festival, invite the souls of ancestors, cavalry, great-grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles , you witness and enjoy the ceremony.

I sincerely and respectfully bow to my ancestors, ancestors, aunts and uncles, grandparents… to bless and maintain, pay attention to fold, caress and protect my great family peace, prosperity, three months of summer The nine months of winter are cool and lush. The good things brought, the bad things brought to my family’s work are favorable, sad, and good luck.

We respectfully offer silver offerings, bowing to the ancestors to prove the sincerity of the whole family.

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

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In addition to Thanh Minh New Year, April also has the Southern Liberation Day 30/4. This is a big holiday and is off for 4 consecutive days, you can refer to the holiday schedule of April 30 and May 1, 2023.

Hopefully through the article you will know more about the origin and meaning of the Thanh Minh New Year holiday so that you and your family can go to the grave to remember your ancestors.

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